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SQL and Excel Consultant

Hello, and welcome. I am a data specialist based in Chelmsford, Essex with over two decades experience working with SQL databases and Excel.

If you are looking for someone to join your team, then please take a look at my skillset below and get in touch if you think I could do a job for you. I cover analysis, design and development, from data capture, ETL, applying business logic and reporting.

If you need help with a specific task then check out the services I can offer. I might be able to save you plenty of time and money; this is especially true of smaller firms that don't have the luxury of an IT department.

Thanks for your time,

- Peter



Excel Consultant
spreadsheet automation (formulas, VBA programs)
data entry forms & validation
data capture (website, text file, database etc)
mail merge via MS Word
your own suite of utilities on the Excel ribbon
tables, charts & reports
power query, power pivot
dashboards and KPI
Other Services
install, configure and fully implement a SQL Server Express database
connect your database up to Excel for data input, maintenance and reporting
automate data gathering with fillable pdf forms and MS Forms
improve your Windows file system, maximise use of Onedrive
setup your own email address with/without a simple website
Call me if...
you think there must be a better way of doing things
you need a database but don't have the expertise
you have a repetitive task that takes ages
you have legacy spreadsheets that need updating
you enter the same information several times across different files


I have over 25 years experience with relational databases, from Visual Foxpro early on to MS SQL Server now, with the other major flavours in between.

I'm strong at systems analysis & design and coding, but have done plenty of DBA work as well. I'm very used to writing complex stored procedures, views and triggers, and taking data through ETL to manipulation to reporting.

I've worked on large systems for a multi-national comprising hundreds of tables, to small systems with only a few tables. With 25+years under my belt,I think my experience counts for a lot.


MS SQL Server - 10 years experience. Microsoft Certified Professional. I have been using MSSQL for the last 7 years. Mainly analysis and coding, some DBA work and knowledge of SSRS and SSIS. SQL Server Express 2017 at home.

Currently working as an MSSQL consultant to a company which makes software for farms, helping transfer from Access to SQL Server.


Oracle - 3 years experience. Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert


Sybase - 10 years experience in the financial sector



My break into IT was automating Lotus 123 spreadsheets with macros, and have worked with spreadsheets (Excel) in every company since.

I have been producing solutions to two building companies for the last 3 years, completely transforming their office productivity. Better spreadsheet design, use of functions, tables and VBA has shaved hours off daily and monthly tasks


MS Excel

10+ years creating VBA solutions large and small. From simple utilities to add to the ribbon to complex user forms used for data entry, file manipulation, database connectivity, reporting etc. Now Power Query and Power Pivot.



I have plenty of programming experience centered around data systems. From Clipper and Visual Foxpro early on, to TSQL and PLSQL now.

Added to that I have years of UNIX shell-scripting (with a smidgen of Perl) and regular expressions, mainly for ETL purposes to feed SQL databases

I know enough C# to produce simple Windows Forms applications with data binding to SQL tables. And of course then there's Excel VBA.

Visual Studio


Excel VBA

Windows Forms / C#

Unix shell scripting, Regex

Please get in touch

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